We understand that embarking on a new construction project or a major remodel can often be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Knowing what’s happening now—and what to expect along the way—is key to the success of your project. Unlike most other builders, we are fully immersed in our clients’ projects, making sure all parties are on the same page, from dream stage to final walkthrough and beyond.

Here’s a high-level glimpse into what you can expect when you engage with us:

  1. Introduction: Let’s get to know each other. In our initial meeting, you’ll either bring a preliminary drawing or schematic from an architect or designer, or come to us with an idea, and we’ll point you in the right direction—we partner with outstanding architects and designers. In fact, while it’s not required, we prefer to be part of the predesign process to help guide you on the greenest, most efficient ways to realize your vision.
  2. Bidding: Once we have preliminary construction documents drawn up by an architect or designer, we then put together a bid proposal, putting actual numbers to the project scope. We are committed to providing the most detailed, accurate and transparent bids possible. Rather than relying on blanket, square-foot prices for projects, our itemized bids allow you to understand exactly how we arrived at our total cost, and make it easier to find areas for savings when necessary. This is when we also meet with subcontractors (mechanical, engineering and plumbing) to arrive at their costs. Once all revisions to the bid have been finalized and approved (you can expect 2–5 revisions, typically), we go to contract and we’re ready for construction.
  3. Construction: Your project officially begins with scheduling of construction and permitting and procurement of materials and services (if not done in-house). This is also when we meet with you and the architect to do walkthroughs of the space and confer on the plan and the progress. We are heavily involved in the construction phase of the project every step of the way and provide cost records and status updates to you regularly, both to keep you informed and your project on budget. (A note about insurance: We fully insure every project we work on with two separate policies: a builder’s risk policy specific to the project and a general liability policy.)
  4. Project Closeout: Once we have completed construction, we conduct walkthroughs with you and the architect and create a punch list of every detail—no matter how small—to be completed before final sign-off. And once you’ve signed off on your project, we’re still not done: Your warranty begins at signoff and ends at the end of one year, and we’ll respond promptly to any issue that might arise.

Contact us to talk about your project and to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


Adam cared about building my house like it was going to be his house.
— Marc P.

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